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Classic Car on an Overcast Day - Middle of the Highway - This Week in Classic Cars on KTRS

Today’s classic car restoration industry is thriving, driving avenues of commerce of all kinds. It is in fact “alive” with activity but – where can you start to learn not only about what’s involve with classic car restoration but – how to avoid all of the many pitfalls that await those jumping in with both feet?


The job just got a lot easier, thanks to It’s Alive Automotive’s Jeff Homsher, who – along with cohost Josh Gilbert, will share answers to questions, lines of thought and the things you’ll need to remember when you choose to restore your classic car!

Be sure to listen each week from 1-2pm as they provide stories, take live calls and build a library of storytelling that help you learn all about the classic car restoration industry and their incredible skill sets that literally bring yesteryear’s motoring – ALIVE.


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Jeff Homsher

Every restoration is a project in its own right.  As such, strong program management is crucial to the ultimate success.  The owner of It’s Alive Automotive, Jeff Homsher, knows program management very well given his 38 years as a program manager at the Boeing Company.   Jeff ensures that every restoration is executed through adherence to proven and well-thought-out processes that have been comprehensively vetted and coordinated with the customer.  In addition, Jeff recognizes that all plans must be continuously enhanced and adjusted as events occur and circumstances change.  The implementation of a thoughtful and adaptive plan is foundational to the success of the It’s Alive process resulting in quality products and strong customer loyalty.

Josh Gilbert

Josh joined KTRS in 2010, working early mornings on the weekends – shifts nobody else wanted to do. Five years later, he’s still doing the jobs no one wants to do and is producing The John Carney Show. While not generally a very excitable guy, his first loves lie in music, film, and anything to do with pop culture. A “Like” er of very few Facebook pages, his dislikes run in the thousands, and you can hear him complain on any number of topics, every day, as the Board Operator and self-proclaimed “voice of reason” on The Carney Show.