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Monday-Thursday 6-7pm
Martin Kilcoyne hosts “The Kilcoyne Conversation” Monday-Thursday on “The Big 550” from 6-7pm.  The show comprises topics of the day along with interviews with sports figures and news makers.


Martin Kilcoyne:
Host, Sports Media Mogul, Dad

Martin is the Sports Director at FOX-2 in St. Louis.  He’s been with the station since 1997.  He jokes that he arrived around the same time as Dick Vermeil and Mark McGwire, although to much less fanfare.  He is a 5-time Emmy Award winner as an anchor/host.   He has covered multiple Super Bowls, World Series, Cardinals playoffs, along with NCAA basketball, the Daytona 500, and of course, the Blues Stanley Cup run.
After growing up in Glendale, Martin went to CBC High School and then Marquette University.    He and his wife Kim live in West County with their three kids.