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John Carney

For over 50 years, people have found comfort in the fact that there has been a Carney on the radiowaves.

Broadcasting was not anything John Carney wanted to do as a kid, or even through high school. But now, with more than 30 years behind him in the industry, he can’t see himself doing anything else. In a business where abnormal is the norm, John says, “I’m quite at home!”

Carney’s commitment to a career in radio came on the heels of advice from his father, the late Hall of Fame broadcaster Jack Carney who told him not to do it. As a professional defiant, young John knew what he had to do. It was on his twenty-first birthday 1984, that he celebrated his first day on the radio as the host of an afternoon country music show just outside of Denver (actually it was some 100 miles outside of Denver, but you’ve never heard of that town, and you can’t get there by car anyway!!). That first gig lasted only three months, but John says it was still a positive experience. “I really got to be a fast packer!”

Job two took John to Columbia, Missouri to work with the famed Larry King at KFRU radio. He only pushed buttons for Larry’s show from midnight to three in the morning – since King was syndicated out of Washington, he was not actually aware of Carney’s existence on the planet. John did get some airtime there; at the conclusion of King’s show, Carney hosted his own program during the highly coveted 3-6 a.m. slot. Word has it he was a big hit among both of that town’s insomniacs

Like his father, John loved St. Louis. He had his first crack at major market radio in St. Louis in 1986 as John was paired with 2 more legendary broadcasters in Mort Crowly and Grant Horton. at KXOK when the station switched to an “all talk format.” It was at this point that John found another vehicle for his humor as a comedy writer for Dick Cavett; A position that he kept for 5 years. Dick still keeps in touch, calling from time to time to remind John that he’s still not funny.

From there Carney had radio stints throughout the Midwest co-hosting a classic rock morning zoo. Even though he continued to hone his craft outside of the Gateway city, he never gave up hope of returning to St. Louis. Opportunity knocked again in 1989 in the form of a big band jock spot at WEW. After four years of spinning Kay Starr and Woody Hermann records, John became restless and found his way back into talk radio.

By the early 90’s, John was back into talk radio, interviewing and comfortably filling the airwaves with something other than music. His 9 to noon slot quickly gained notoriety with frequent stops to the studio by the famous and infamous. In 1997 and 2000, John received the “Air Award” for talk show host of the year and was chosen as one of St. Louis’ top radio personalities by the St. Louis media 5 different times. And while we’re back patting, John picked up “Media personality of the year” in 99 and 2002, and 2007 by the National Restaurant Assn for his frequent culinary features on the show. In July of 1998 Carney signed on at long time powerhouse replacing the legendary Jim White. Expansion of sports programming lead to Carney’s choice to get more airtime and he returned to the station he put on the air in the 90’s KTRS. John says he’s now doing the kind of radio he’d listen to, if the CD player wasn’t working.

Even with John’s deep love of the business, it takes a back seat to his family. With two teenage girls and 2 boys in single digits, Carney is well on his way to staffing his own basketball team. Carney’s other kids are the one served by his foundation; Carney’s kids, an organization that raises money and awareness for several area charities whose focus is improving the lives of children. Fundraising efforts have included the publishing of 2 cookbooks by John and an annual Halloween party that is we into it’s 2nd decade.. For more information on Carney’s Kids, go to

If there’s time left after that, you’ll find John teaching cooking classes around town, cheating at golf, making music with his band “Oh Brother”, or doing exactly what his wife tells him to.

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Julie Buck

One of St. Louis’ most well-known and popular broadcasters, brings her personality to the Big 550 joining John Carney from 12:30-3 p.m. every weekday.

In addition to being the daughter of St. Louis legend Jack Buck, Julie is the younger sister of national sportscaster Joe Buck. She and her brother Joe also owned J. Buck’s Restaurant.

A lifelong St. Louisan, Julie Buck has achieved much in her life, from owning and directing marketing for the popular J. Buck’s Restaurants to a long and accomplished broadcasting career encompassing both radio and television.

Julie has devoted much of her life to volunteer work, including an alumni member of the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Advisory Board, Kidsmart Advisor and Volunteer and a volunteer for MICDS.

Not restricting herself to entertainment, Julie is also a successful real estate agent with Laura McCarthy. She lives in St. Louis with her husband and three children.

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Max Foizey

As a Producer and Host, Maxamillion Foizey brings more than 20 years of radio experience to the airwaves, ensuring that you will hear top-notch guests as well as lame jokes.
Max lives in South City Saint Louis with his beautiful wife of ten years, their amazing son, and their three plucky cats. He loves the Miami Dolphins, the Orlando Magic, and is pretty sure the Earth is flat. A member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the St. Louis Film Critics Association, Max has worked as a professional film critic since 2004 and has hosted the award winning radio show Max on Movies since 2006.
You can hear Max review movies and talk pop culture news right here on KTRS radio in Saint Louis and also on KMBZ radio in Kansas City, Missouri, plus you can read his movie reviews on Follow Max on Twitter @MaxOnMovies




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