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St. Louis Soccer Weekly:
Fridays – 6p

St. Louis soccer Weekly is the longest running soccer show in St. Louis and covers exclusively local St. Louis soccer content. KTRS Sports Director Brendan Wiese & Mark Moser run the gamut of soccer topics from all age groups and walks of life from all areas of St. Louis. Regular guests include Tom Timmerman from The St. Louis Post Dispatch and a growling listing of characters that deliver specific opposting views from other MLS teams. A recurring regular segment, “Getting to Know” features a spotlight on players from the local St. Louis City sc vein and more. >> Visit St. Louis Soccer Weekly Now!


Flyover Footy
Saturday – Catch it before Kickoff for CITY SC

Join hosts Matt Baker, Phil Grooms and Santiago Beltrán as they share their insight before the day’s game to dig into the nuts and bolts of the club. Included in their focus are details about the starting 11, and an emphasis on the matchups that everyone will have their eye on for 90 minutes on Saturday. Their passion for St. Louis and for this beautiful game come together on a show for both the die-hard veteran fans as well as the newbies. >> Visit Flyover Footy Now!



Soccer in the Lou:
Tuesday – 8pm

Join KTRS Sports Director Brendan Wiese and Flyover Footy host Matt Baker in a series of enaging roundtable discussions. This show allows us to look back at the previous game, while starting the process of previewing the upcoming match. This progarm also features a chance to chat with fellow broadcasters with more engaging insight about soccer in the St. Louis area. >> Visit Soccer In the Lou Now!

St. Louis has always been a hotbed for Soccer. Even in its infancy in our country, Soccer was an important part of the St. Louis Sports landscape. St.Louis based teams have won the U.S. Open Cup 10 times. At the 1950 World Cup, 6 of the USMNT starters in “The Miracle on Grass” were from The Hill neighborhood. In 1964, CYC All Stars tied the then English Champions, Liverpool, coached by the legendary Bill Shankley. In 2023 we welcomed CITY SC with a record breaking season and a Western Conference Regular Season title. St. Louis is without a doubt, a Soccer city!

KTRS has been on the cutting edge of Soccer coverage in St.Louis. We have 2 St. Louis Soccer Hall of Famer’s on our staff. We’re the former voice of Saint Louis FC (2015-2020). You also heard the very first game in CITY history on KTRS, a 2-0 win for CITY2 vs Rochester NYFC. 550 is your Home for Soccer coverage in St. Louis!

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Clubs, Organizations and More Fostering the Value of Soccer In the St. Louis Community:

There’s never been a better time to connect to local soccer clubs, organizations and more! KTRS is proud to feature a series of connections that will get you started both in your area but also – in the general St. Louis community! Look at the listing to the right, and click on any of the logos and information presented. We’ve begun connecting with all of them to help build even more great connective tissue to their contact information, incredibly informative interviews and more.


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    Click here to visit The Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

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    Click Here to Visit The Car Shield Futbol Club!

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