Sunday, December 8 & 15

It doesn’t matter if you buy on-line, direct from the manufacturer, a national dealer network, or the same dealer your family has been working with for years, buying or leasing a vehicle is complicated…by design. Adam Novik, who recently launched Tailored Auto, spent 15+ years in the auto business before deciding to switch sides and navigate the purchase process for consumers, instead of controlling the purchase for dealers. His goal is simple…he wants to level the playing field and make the process of buying, leasing, and understanding financial options transparent, simple and pleasurable.

According to Novik, “It takes more than 13 hours for the average consumer to buy a car, and despite this investment of time, most consumers are not sure if they got a fair deal, purchased the right options, or should have leased vs. paid cash or financed a purchase.” Despite being the second largest purchase most consumers make, buyers of cars liken the process to pulling teeth. Most consumers just want to stop the back and forth with the sales person, the sales manager and the finance manager. Novik says, “Buying a vehicle is as frustrating as ever and I know I can change that!”

According to the Cox Automotive 2019 Car Buyer Study, when asked to compare their most recent buying experience to previous ones, 61% of car buyers said their experience was not any better – and in some cases, worse – than the last time they bought a car. Car buyers indicate that, when it comes to the dealership experience, they are least satisfied with how long the process takes and that paperwork and negotiating are still the most frustrating parts of the car-buying process. So it’s no surprise that those buyers who say their dealership experience was better spent significantly less time at the dealership, specifically negotiating and signing paperwork.​

Novik works with his clients to determine the best car, the best options (including extended warranties and service contracts), the best price, if it should be leased or purchased, etc. and presents an offer to a handful of top dealers. No haggling, no back and forth. Novik does not accept incentives or rebates from the dealer, automaker or third-party seller. He does it for a flat rate of $600 which is a bargain considering how much he saves buyers in time and aggravation.

When the deal is accepted (as it is 95% of the time), it takes under an hour to close the deal, sign papers and drive the car home. For those buyers who are not as far along in the purchase process, he offers to narrow the options with relevant information and shorten the amount of time test driving – even white glove service, bringing the car to his clients.

Novik knows the difference between MSRP, published dealer cost, the real dealer cost, employee discounts, published rebates, unpublished rebates, etc. He says, “Why does it seem that the dealer can figure out a way to sell me the car for almost any monthly payment I throw out to him/her?” The answer is that the dealer uses rebates, manufacturer discounts, leasing money factor, residual rates, options, trade ins, etc. to get to the magic number for the deal to work, but according to Novik, it may not be the best deal.

Do the dealers hate him? No, just the opposite. Because he negotiates fair prices and terms with no gamesmanship, no bargaining, minimal time, and no hard feelings. It’s a win-win proposition, and something we are likely to see more of in the future…”The Professional Buyer’s Rep” who works for you and levels the playing field. Novik says, “There are just too many places where a buyer can make a wrong decision, so a service like ours is invaluable.”.

And despite all of the car buying apps, it’s one of the few industries that technology hasn’t leveled the playing field in the consumer’s favor. There is no one place to see the true price of the car, all rebates, the options, the financing, money factor, residual rates, extended warranties, gap insurance, trade-in value, etc. “This is where I come in,” says Novik. “I designed Tailored Auto to introduce efficiency and accountability into the car buying process. Once I get some basic information from my clients, they’re off the hook as I shop around for their ideal car. I represent their best interests as I negotiate with dealers to reach fair terms on

everything from sale price, trade-in value, and options for protection such as warranties and maintenance plans. As an independent advisor, I don’t accept commissions or kickbacks from any dealer or manufacturer.”

Since its founding, Tailored Auto has grown quickly by word of mouth. According to Doug Hill, retired Managing Partner of Edward Jones, “I understand the importance of transparency and customer experience. Experience and transparency have not been, in my opinion, the focus of car dealerships. Tailored Auto is the answer to the car buying problem. They gave me back my time and peace of mind in knowing that not only did I receive a fair deal, but it was done on my time and my terms. Adam and Tailored Auto negotiated the entire sale after locating the vehicle. The paperwork and the vehicle were delivered to me at my convenience in a timely manner and without error! Tailored Auto keeps the best interest of their clients ahead of all other variables and works to ensure that the process is transparent and client focused. I would recommend them to anyone who values their time.”

Tailored Auto is the first full-service new car negotiator headquartered in St. Louis, MO, serving a select group of cost-conscious, time constrained clients nationwide. It’s philosophy of 100% transparency in the sales process is supported by access to real-time pricing & financing, high-level personal relationships, experience negotiating with car dealers, and is designed for car buyers who feel they deserve better.