High School Sports

How to make every day, savings day!

How to make every day, savings day! By:  Pier Yvette Alsup, Chief Community Engagement Officer Together Credit Union National Savings Day is “celebrated” each year on October 12th to recognize the value of saving and highlight simple steps to making saving easier! When you think about it, most of us are savers we…
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Together Credit Union — Credit Scores 101

Credit Scores 101 Together Credit Union Pier Yvette Alsup – Chief Community Engagement Officer   What is your credit score? And, why is it important? A credit score is a summary of one’s credit, debt, and payment history identified as a three-digit number. Typically, a score can be as high as 850 and as…
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Together Credit Union — Saving Steps for Growing Families

Spending & Saving Steps for Growing Families Together Credit Union Pier Yvette Alsup – Chief Community Engagement Officer New baby on the way?  There is plenty of excitement with shopping and showers, selecting a name, and anticipating the date of birth!  Welcoming a new baby is life-changing for any family.  But a new bundle…
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Missouri Media Football Rankings

Statewide high school football rankings, as compiled by a 15-member panel of sportswriters and broadcasters. First-place votes in parenthesis. Panel is made up of Dion Clisso, PrepsKC; Sam McDowell, The Kansas City Star; Dave Kvidahl, STLHighschoolsports.com; Jim Powers, High School Sports Caravan; Cameron Teague, The Columbia Tribune; Tom Rackers, Jefferson City News-Tribune; Mike Scott, Ozone…
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2017 Missouri Media All State Teams

Class 1 First Team Offense Position: Name, School, Year, Height, Weight QB: Andrew Smith, Princeton, Sr., 6-2, 180 ATH: LaTroy Harper, Hamilton-Penney, Sr., 6-2 185 RB: Matthew Graham, Plattsburg, Sr., 5-9, 170 RB: Rylan Chrisman, Marceline, Sr., 5-9, 170 RB: Zach Osborn, Monroe City, Jr., 5-9, 146 R/E: Seth Kenagy, East Buchanan, Sr., 6-2, 155…
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