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It is the last day for the public to get a look at the revolutionary solar-powered plane that made a stop in St. Louis.

Lambert Spokesperson Jeff Lea tells KTRS News there are still tickets available to see the Solar Impulse today. Viewing runs from 1-4 and free tickets are available at The plane is scheduled to take off at the end of the week.

It is the first solar-powered plane that can fly in day or night.


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   The Solar Impulse is on the ground at Lambert Airport.  

   The solar-powered airplane took off Monday morning from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport bound for St. Louis -- some 560 miles away.  The plane landed at Lambert about 1:30 Tuesday morning.

   The project was aimed at building a solar-powered airplane that could fly day and night without fuel.   They succeeded with a 21-hour 21-minute flight to St. Louis, the longest so far for Solar Impulse.  

   The storms that swept through St. Louis Friday night damaged a hangar that was going to house the plane while at Lambert, and that created another opportunity for the Solar Impulse team.  They deployed the plane's own inflatable hangar for the first time during a mission. The revolutionary, ultra-light structure was designed for use during their planned flight around the world in 2015.

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A history-making flight is winging its way to St. Louis.

A solar-powered airplane called Solar Impulse took off this morning from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport bound for Lambert. The plane flies about 40 mph and the third leg is roughly 560 miles.

Swiss pilot and Solar Impulse CEO Bertrand Piccard tells McGraw in the Morning, just like Charles Lindbergh's first flight across the Atlantic, weight is an issue. 

Piccard says, "If we have the weight of a normal airplane the solar energy would never be enough to fly day and night. So we had to make the lightest possible airplane and this was the big challenge to have the weight of a small car or size of a jumbo jet, nobody thought it was possible."

An inflatable hangar has been set up at Lambert-St. Louis Airport  to accommodate the solar-powered plane which is set to land at Lambert around 1:00 a.m.Tuesday. You can follow the solar flight at



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